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Dad and Ross - Swearing-In Ceremony.jpeg

Former Chairman of the Comanche Nation, Bernard Kahrahrah, and son, Comanche Nation Councilman Ross Bernard Kahrahrah.

I'm Ross Bernard Kahrahrah, a Comanche citizen and Councilman, son of former Chairman of the Comanche Nation - Bernard Kahrahrah, financial advisor, and the proud owner of Native Vision Quest.


As a tribal member and leader, I know your challenges (big and small, political and operational, internal and external), and I make things easier for your tribe. It's as simple as that. Just ask the tribal leaders I've worked with closely.

My 14 years of combined experience in business, economic development, and city and financial planning will help you develop a diversified economy and urban planning standards to strengthen self-governance.

My goals are to empower tribes, deliver real solutions, and stand by your side until you reach your destination. 

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